Case Study – Eastbourne Academy

William Pratt, Data & Services Manager, Eastbourne Academy


Why did you consider using Magellan?

SIMS access

The thing which is most attractive to us about Magellan is the ability for teachers to run SIMS at home. We had to use a VPN previously, and this is much, much better than that.   This is our most significant use of it, for example just before Easter I checked the log viewer and 40 teachers had logged on to SIMS via Magellan within a week and half. Looking again a week ago it had 443 entries over the Easter holidays.

Work on iPads

What’s also good about Magellan is that it’s an excellent portal for people to use on the iPad. It means our teachers can actually access SIMS on iPads, no one can otherwise. The other thing I like about the tablet aspect is that we’ve got Word and Excel as remote applications, and you can access network folders directly now from your iPad.

Internet Access

Schools which have shared iPads and do not wish to have completely open internet access could use Magellan as their sole internet portal giving access to particular specified sites.

Submitting course work

The main student year groups who use Magellan are year 10 and 11, to access their files from home. Things are changing in education, with less coursework than in the past, but it is used by computer studies and business studies students for example, and English students, to access their files and coursework.

Saves time

It makes it so much easier for staff, helps them to meet deadlines, such as submitting assessments, because teachers can use SIMS from home or anywhere with WIFI. We’ve set up Magellan as a link on our web site for staff so it’s really easy to use.

How long have you had the system in place, actually loaded and working?

We were the first school to have it, there were a few little bugs working on iPads and sometimes SIMS can be temperamental but they’re being ironed out . You do have to remember that this portal is in its first edition and is still being developed.

What problems did it overcome? Do teachers like using it?

The number of people using it is testament to the fact that it is easy to use. I haven’t had to do any significant training sessions or events, it’s mostly been people just getting going on their own, and anyone who needed help popped into my office and it’s been fine. I would definitely recommend Magellan to other schools.


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