Case Study – North Shore Academy

John Jameson, North Shore Academy


Easy login

From the start it was for the school children. It takes time and they forget where they need to look or can’t remember websites in order to login. Magellan removes that need to remember the sites and multiple logins, it makes it so much easier without any of those steps.

Central single location

All the websites and resources you need, wherever they are on the web, are all brought together in one central place. It’s easy for the children and the staff; it’s faster and saves them time, with just one place to check in. It really solves that problem of when they can’t remember all their logins.

We’ve been using it since about February or March this year, it’s good for accessing files and storage, we do use Citrix but Magellan saves time, as it’s so much easier with everything in one place.

Saving teachers time

Teachers use it to access the systems they use most such as Office 365, behaviour and assessment websites; one click and it’s there wherever they are; they use it for tracking progress of students on Lexia, a reading programme.

Teachers use it as their home page. We have about 100 staff and around 50 teachers. For training, I gave them an introduction to it, and a booklet, and let them get on with it. I know they like that they can look up their files from any type of device. Staff use it on their phone, and because you don’t have to send a file or an email to access it, it works across all devices.

Central resource

Its a bit like having all ‘my favourites’ in one place, so we have one page for careers, its great for that, with all the useful information in one place such as post 16 websites and national careers service CV Builder. We have media resources in there, all the sites they need like Clickview for example. We’ve loaded Google Maps, Google Moon, Google Sky and Photoshop online to our Magellan pages.

I’d actually like to have more pages on it, so I could have a page of tiles for different subjects, so one page would be history, then geography for example because it is so useful and easy to use.

Secure Sharing

We’re encouraging the students to use it as well as teachers, its safe and easy to use and we have all the e safety guidance and anonymous reporting up there too. Community groups are working in our building at the moment and we’ve been able to let them access our resources by using it as an extension of our ICT services. This is an example of how useful and accessible it is.

Making the most of investments

We use predominantly iMacs (dual boot), Macbooks, iPads, iPods and some PCs in schools. We’ve invested in a lot of equipment at our school and Magellan gives us an easy way to make more use of it all. We are starting to see some students and staff bringing in their own kit, mainly mini tablets, iPad minis, and we are looking to use Magellan as this would be good in a BYOD situation too.


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