Welcome to Magellan from CSE

The universal portal for education, providing simple access to local and cloud resources from any device through a single interface.

  • The complete cloud and local portal
  • Supports BYOD and device independence
  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Supports learning and engagement
  • Supports hybrid cloud computing
Read how schools are already using Magellan to save staff and students time.

The Eastbourne Academy
“The thing that is most attractive to us about Magellan is that it gives our users the ability to use SIMS at home.”

Corpus Christi Cardiff
“We wanted a portal where people could access their work from outside school and Magellan has been ideal for that.”

North Shore Academy
“Magellan makes it easy for the children and the staff; it’s faster and saves them time, with just one place to check in.”

Brentside High School
“Many users avoid using new products due to fear or lack of training. Magellan’s simplicity overcomes this, yet maintains a high quality product.”
St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College
“The beauty is how straightforward it is. I don’t need to give any user training just say ‘here’s the web address and you’ll be fine.”

NEW: Single-sign-on to your apps and resources

Safely navigate the world of Single-Sign-On with Magellan using advanced SSO technology that provides
a secure and seamless experience across all platforms and resources. Learn More

The complete cloud and local portal

As a managed, single sign-on (SSO) portal, Magellan from CSE provides both Cloud and local services securely and seamlessly.

Single-click access to apps, email, Intranets, websites, datastores, and other resources – whether locally or cloud-hosted.
Access data wherever it resides – on the local device, network home directory and shares, or in the cloud (e.g. Google™ docs, OneDrive etc).
Run applications from the most appropriate resource – the local device, the network or the Cloud. Magellan can even allow access to Windows® apps on Apple® and Android™ devices; use Office, SIMS, Adobe®, etc. on your iPad®.
Freedom to choose resources. Magellan is not prescriptive over which local or cloud apps or other resources you choose to provide. It delivers all the resources you wish to provide, seamlessly.

Enables BYOD and device independence

Magellan embraces the wide variety of school and student-owned devices now being used in education. Its clientless remote desktop protocol (RDP) system can deliver apps and resources – including Windows® applications – to practically any device, and save files to both local and cloud networks.

Complete device independence, with common desktop and functions across different operating systems via a clean, tile-based interface.
A responsive HTML5 interface that adapts to the screen size of the device being used, delivering true usablility on smaller devices.
Add access to Windows applications and directories from any device – whether PC, tablet or smartphone, Android™, Apple® or Windows®.
Reduce establishment costs by extending the useful life of devices and enabling BYOD.

Anytime, anywhere access

Magellan from CSE extends learning beyond the classroom. All Magellan’s functionality is available from home, or from anywhere else with Internet access, at any time.

Single sign-on (SSO) to school network, Cloud services, apps, and resources through one portal.
Using Active Directory (AD) credentials allows secure network file management, downloading, and uploading to directories and other permitted shares directly from the desktop.
Secure remote access to other areas of the school network, intranets, internal websites, MIS, and other potentially sensitive areas via reverse proxy.
Access to school-based Windows applications, users can edit school-based data using school-based applications, on any device, and app linking automatically loads the target application when a file is selected.

Supports learning and engagement

Delivering the resources staff and students really need in an engaging, easy-to-use format is a key requirement for any learning portal. Magellan from CSE provides:

An attractive, intuitive tile-based interface that users want to engage with.
Customisable layout provides a common user experience across school, class, year or other group.
Highly configurable desktop including scalable, dynamic tiles. You can even allow users to add personal favourite websites and resources.
Single sign-on (SSO) to all local and remote services.
Simple administration, making it easy to configure desktops, create tiles, and set up new navigations.

Supports hybrid Cloud computing

Successful hybrid networks bring local and Cloud resources together, and deliver them seamlessly irrespective of a user’s device or location. Magellan is fully Cloud-capable, and can deliver excellent results in fully serverless schools, but also enables schools to integrate Cloud and local infrastructure into a hybrid model. Establishments who wish to make a managed transition towards a serverless model will also find Magellan indispensable.

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