Case Studies

Here you can read about the experiences of establishments that use Magellan here, and there is more information directly from schools on our blog page too. 

“There are many benefits of Magellan for the Tudor Grange Academies Trust. Like many trusts, we use a plethora of web based resources covering primary to sixth form students. Until Magellan, there was no way to bring these together into one interface where all users know where and how to access them. Now, users log in and are presented with the appropriate resources, and have single sign-on (SSO) access in to them. These include email, library system, rewards, video on demand, our VLE, etc. Previously, managing all these locations and logins could be problematic. In addition to being able to access all these resources, one of the real benefits of Magellan is that we can access the software we want to use through it (Microsoft® Office for instance) on any device from anywhere, even on mobile devices. It’s a real asset that users can access such resources through these devices and know that when they get back into school and access the system from a PC or Mac the same work will then be visible to them. The other major benefit is that we can access our multitude of shared areas on our network from anywhere, from any device, removing the need for staff to use their personal Dropbox accounts when sharing work. This year we are moving to Office 365®, and Magellan will allow us to bring together our internal and external resources as we expand our Trust and gradually move resources to the Cloud.”
Steven Groutage, Executive Director of ICT, Tudor Grange Academies Trust
“The number of people using Magellan is testament to the fact that it is easy to use. I haven’t had to do any significant training sessions or events, it’s mostly been people just getting going on their own, and anyone who needed help popped into my office and it’s been fine. I would definitely recommend Magellan to other schools.  Read more>>
William Pratt, Data & Services Manager, Eastbourne Academy
“We’ve only had Magellan a couple of weeks but we use it regularly now.  We got it for students to access their files, and we’re moving to teachers accessing SIMS too. We wanted a portal where people could access their work from outside school and it’s been ideal for that. The fact that you can access applications is a bonus, for example the kids can access 2D Design and things like that. I’m looking forward to using it a lot more, adding applications for example. It was easy to set up and I haven’t had any complaints – I actively seek out feedback good or bad – but I haven’t any complaints about Magellan, it’s been very good. It does take a little while to get used to it but its fine, easy to use once you get the hang of it. Download the PDF version>>
Mark Letman, Corpus Christi School
“All the web sites and resources you need, wherever they are on the web, are all brought together in one central place. It’s easy for the children and the staff; it’s faster and saves them time, with just one place to check in. It really solves that problem of when they can’t remember all their logins. Read more>>
John Jameson, North Shore Academy