These are answers to some of the common questions we’ve already been asked about Magellan: watch this space for updates!

Yes, you can customise the Magellan experience to meet the needs of individual users or for groups of users (e.g. staff, Year 7, etc.). The background, welcome message, and logo are all configurable, but most importantly so are all the tiles. As well as the default tiles provided you can create your own tiles to link to absolutely any web based resource you want, and then assign them to the users that need them.
Magellan will allow authorised users to interact with their personal files and shared data areas on your network from any location with Internet access. They will be able to upload and download data and manage their network folders.
When using devices that lack a hardware keyboard, you set Magellan into typing mode by long-pressing on the display to bring up the magnifier. Tapping on the magnifier will then bring up your device’s on-screen keyboard.
Yes, you can, Magellan’s advanced, clientless RDP gateway can provide any HTML supporting device access to Windows® and other Microsoft® applications.
Yes, it is. Magellan’s reverse proxy connection protects your network from unauthorised access whilst allowing your users to access your network resources, systems, Internet and Cloud services safely and securely. Its single sign-on (SSO) capabilities also make passwords and their security easier to manage.
Single sign on is not yet an industry standard, and resources that require passwords use many different methods for verifying them. Magellan provides a template system to provide a flexible approach to SSO. Once SSO is established, a user will only need to enter their password the first time they enter a resource. Passwords stored within Magellan for SSO are always strongly encrypted for security.
Yes, within reason! We’ve tested it on a wide variety of devices that are HTML5 compatible. However, you need to bear in mind that some resources may not be productive or practical to use on all devices (office-style applications on a smartphone, for example). We recommend that schools define realistic policies on what they expect various BYO devices to be used for when implementing Magellan.
You can: however, we recommend an installation assisted by CSE technicians to make sure everything runs smoothly and that you gain the maximum benefit in the shortest time.
The requirements aren’t heavy, but are difficult to summarise in a single FAQ. Visit our page on How Magellan Works for information.
Magellan is priced per year, based on the number of staff and students in the establishment. Please contact CSE for a full quotation, but for budgetary purposes it will normally cost little more than £1.00 per person per annum There may be additional third-party licence costs depending on your establishment’s needs and infrastructure. Please contact us for details.
CSE will continue developing and refining Magellan, and providing support and advice. We’ll announce new developments on this site, but you can also sign up to our newsletter for regular updates.