Managing Magellan for your school

Magellan from CSE allows you to modify and customise the system to suit your establishment’s exact requirements. You can control who can use it, how much or how little they can do, what the system looks like, and how security is handled via single sign-on (SSO).

mm1Admin Interface This is the main administrator’s control: we will look at this in more detail below.
mm2Log Viewer Magellan can provide extensive logs of user activity within the system. This tile allows administrators to view the logs and export them for further analysis.
mm3Login Screen Editor This tile allows administrators to edit the welcome message and the login instructions that are displayed.
mm4Manage My Sites This tile is available to users who have permissions to add their own web content and resources to their desktop.
mm5Manage Accounts Users can manage various aspects of their Magellan account, including resetting their SSO credentials and changing their Active Directory® (and Magellan) password.


The Admin Interface provides sophisticated control over how Magellan appears and is used.

User Control – this manages the various profiles that you can define for your users. Profiles control access rights, logging details, desktop backgrounds including importing new) and desktop contents (as described under Assignments below). User Control also manages the assignment of profiles to AD user and groups.
Tiles – this allows you to manage the tile links on your system. We have provided a library of samples that you might find useful, but you can also create your own to links to whatever resources you and your users need. You can use the default template tiles or design your own controlling icon, size, colour, and SSO management.
File Shares – this defines the location (server path and share) of the data files you want to make available to users from the local network, typically home directories and shared directories. You can also control how these files can be used (e.g. allow or deny upload and download).
Remote Apps – this allows you to discover which applications are available to Magellan from your central network, and control how they will appear to your users.
Assignments – here you define what tiles and file sharing your user’s desktop pages will contain. These are then added to the profile for a user or group. It is worth noting that if a user is a member of multiple groups, they will inherit resources from all those groups. If they are allowed access to ‘Manage My Sites’ they will also have their own favourites displayed.
Settings – this tab provides global control of the system to disable logins, access to the Internet, etc.