Sample tiles

A key feature of Magellan is its ability to provide common resources of your choosing to individuals or groups of users. Magellan is not a prescriptive system: although CSE can provide many example tiles, the scope for configuring your own is wide, and the process straightforward. You can define single sign-on (SSO) attributes, file shares, web links, and remote applications, and can even configure tiles to display live content, such as RSS or Twitter feeds, or video. The size and appearance of your tiles are also user-definable.


Once you assign your tiles to the appropriate user groups, those groups will have access to them via their Magellan web desktops. The benefits for teaching and learning are numerous, including greater productivity, focused and ‘on task’ work, easier classroom management, and anytime anywhere access to the same resources. You can even allow trusted staff and students to create their own tiles to link to their favourite websites and resources.