Why is it called Magellan?

Ferdinand Magellan organised the first circumnavigation of the globe, which was achieved between 1519 and 1522.

We’ve named our education portal ‘Magellan’ after this renowned Portuguese explorer because his enterprise is reflected in our product’s capability to explore both old and new worlds. Old, because Magellan allows users to access resources hosted within school ICT structures, such as users’ personal files held in a home directory, files held in shared areas, and remote applications hosted by the school’s terminal services. New, because the world of education now also embraces the Internet, Cloud-based services, Web 2.0 and 3.0 resources, and HTML5. It encompasses the world of education resources as completely as Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage encompassed the globe.
For many schools, journeying into this new world can seem as much of a risky journey into uncharted waters as Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage was (indeed, he did not himself survive it!) We’ve therefore designed our Magellan to remove the risks, providing a secure, safe environment in which to give appropriate access to appropriate resources.

Magellan from CSE delivers everything staff and students need to access – applications, files, resources, directories – through one web desktop accessed via a single sign-on. Rather than delivering them piecemeal, the Magellan experience is seamless: practically speaking, end users will barely notice whether the resources they access are locally or cloud hosted.

Thanks to Magellan from CSE, your establishment can move forward into a hybrid Cloud or even fully serverless environment securely and easily. However, Magellan is not prescriptive about how far you do this, or what resources you wish to provide: it is flexible enough to work in the way that best suits your establishment, users, and staff, so they can make their own safe (but no less exciting) journeys of learning and discovery.

We hope you enjoy the small taste of Magellan from CSE that this website provides. Bon voyage!