Introducing the Magellan Mobile app

Magellan Mobile works with the Magellan web application to provide secure access to your active directory, home directories, and file shares from mobile devices.



Magellan Mobile features

  • Download and Upload files to and from your school network.
  • Open and edit documents from your networked file shares in other apps on your device.
  • Browse file shares with an explorer type look and feel.
  • Create new folders.
  • Rename, delete, copy, move and paste files and folders.
  • Complies with the NTFS permissions you have set on your directories and files.
  • Upload files from other apps installed on your device directly onto your school network.
  • Copy files from your cloud storage apps to the school network.
  • Search for files and directories.
  • Acts as browser extension to perform SSO.

Get Magellan Mobile now!

Magellan Mobile is available as a free download for IOS from the Apple App Store and for Android from Google Play. The app requires a Magellan web application to be installed at your local network or a Magellan connector when using the cloud version. Please contact your IT department for details of the server address and logon information needed to access these services.

“Does exactly what you want it to. The first time I have not had to compromise to use my iOS devices when accessing our Windows network – I can access all my files and open them in whatever App I want and save them back there easily.”
iPhonelessStu, App Store Review
“Great App!!!
Access to my school files whist on the move.”
“Brill app.
Great and easy way to access all my files,sites and apps and lots more.”

Try a demo version of Magellan from CSE!

The best way to find out more about Magellan is to get your hands on it, so why not try a free demo version today?