New mobile app gives students and teachers fast, secure access to teaching and learning tools.

Computer Systems in Education (CSE) has today, 11 November 2014, launched the Magellan mobile app, the very latest development for the groundbreaking Magellan universal education portal which provides fast, seamless and secure access to a school’s server from mobile devices.

“Historically schools have been held back by the limited access and options presented by iPads and smart phone,” explains CSE MD, Gordon Derham.

“With Magellan, however, virtually any file or document, in any programme, can be viewed, worked on, and re-saved to the system from any gadget. This enables teachers and students to use their own devices to access multi-programme teaching and learning tools, and without compromising security. Our new Magellan app will make such access easier still.”

Gordon Derham believes schools that have invested heavily in tablet technology and use the Magellan portal will welcome this latest development.

The Magellan Mobile app is available now to download from the Apple and Andoid stores. Magellan is available from